Unique little pebble in a bed of pearls, or butterflies, or whatever.


Remember, you’re unique just like everyone else.

I once had a plaque with these words on it. It was a simple, cheap knick knack I found at some random store I can’t even remember. The plaque was only about two inches high, three inches wide, and was a floral arrangement of blue and white that looked like it belonged in some elderly woman’s home, not a college student’s apartment. It was also something that made me smile every time I noticed it sitting on the shelf above my television in my old homestead. I’m not sure where the knick knack is now; probably still sitting in a box somewhere still wrapped in paper from one the moves I’ve made in my seemingly infinite desire to find my place in the world. It doesn’t matter. It’s not the object, but the words I love.

I love the phrase for its innocent truth. I am reminded of the words every time I hear someone talk, or more often see someone write, about how unique they are. “I’m a special little pebble unlike all the rest.” Yes, you are; just like all of the other special pebbles, or pearls, or butterflies, or unicorns, or whatever it is people around you are calling themselves.

I do not mean to mock these people. On the contrary, we all like to think we are unique, and we are. That is the point. No matter how similar we are to anyone around us, we are not the same. We have different experiences, preferences, emotions, and reactions to the world around us. We suffer our differences together and rejoice in our individuality all the same.

Be you, that’s great. Just don’t forget that weird person next to you is just doing the same.




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